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Compassion Focused Therapy

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) was designed specifically to help individuals who struggle with
self-criticism, shame and low self-worth.

CFT draws on ideas from other psychotherapies, as well as from Buddhism, neuroscience and evolutionary therapy.

According to CFT, we have three types of emotional regulation systems – the Threat System, the Drive System, and the Soothing System. When we are stuck in a painful cycle of self-criticism and feelings of shame and self-dislike, it is often because these three systems are out of balance.

The aim of CFT therefore is to regain the balance between the systems. The focus is on cultivating the soothing system, or the compassionate mind, to help regulate the other two systems.

CFT includes practices to help you develop your ability to feel and behave in more compassionate and helpful ways to both yourself and others. It also helps you to feel calm, safe and capable in a world that can seem overwhelming.
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